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We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

How do I know if an online rehab program is right for me or my loved one?

HBR was designed for people looking for an at-home immersive drug and alcohol treatment and recovery program with more flexibility and financial affordability than conventional in-patient alcohol and drug  rehabs; primary mental health treatment centres and intensive outpatient treatment – IOP.  

HBR may not be a good fit if any of the following apply:


  • Our suggested period of 3-5 days abstaining from substances (other than prescribed medications) before the program starts isn’t attainable
  • You’re unable to commit to daily program activities
  • You’re not able to commit to a 30-day substance-free (other than prescribed medications) recovery program
  • You need more intensive mental health support, prior to beginning the program. Our intake specialists and Program Director Dr. Michael Berry R. Psych  evaluate the suitability of each program candidate.  In some cases we may require a participant establish detox or additional mental health support prior to starting HBR and could also continue seeing that therapist while in the program.

HBR is a good fit if any of the following apply:


  • You’re looking to explore and address your drinking or substance use concerns
  • You’ve tried other recovery models and treatment approaches without success
  • You’ve slipped or relapsed after previous residential rehabs or IOP’s
  • You’ve managed to stop using/drinking but cannot seem to keep it under control
  • You’re looking to add additional support to community-based support groups
  • You’re looking for more personalized attention and support in your recovery process
  • You’re looking for an alternative to expensive inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centres
  • You are already working with a therapist and want to add additional targeted support and psycho-education for addiction recovery
  • Here is a great article on Home Based Alternatives for alcohol addiction recovery

Do I need to take a leave of absence from my work to participate in the program?

While every situation is unique, some clients are able to continue working while they complete the HBR program. If you have more free time to spend on HBR this would be beneficial too.


We ask that all HBR clients have:


  • A quiet and confidential workspace equipped for virtual learning
  • Reliable access to the internet
  • 2-3 hours of HBR engagement and program activities daily

You will have time throughout the day to attend to personal and/or work related issues, and we trust that each person will make the arrangements that best serve their individual and family needs.


If you have questions about your specific situation, we’re happy to speak to you. Simply send us an email at admin@homebasedrecovery.ca and someone from our team will get back to you.

How many hours per day do I need to be available for the program?

The typical HBR day begins in the morning or whenever you begin the daily module and includes 6-7 individual, online or self-directed activities throughout the day lasting between 15 to 60 minutes each — roughly 2-3 hours in total a day. 



A typical day: (some activities and times may be adjusted to fit group preferences when applicable)


  • 6:00 to 9:00 am | Recommended start time but is flexible to your schedule
  • Flexible timing | Mindfulness
  • Flexible timing | Psycho-education Video
  • Flexible timing | Physical Activity – whatever you normally do i.e. walk, run, gym, yoga, play with kids
  • Flexible timing | Skills Education Video
  • Flexible timing | Journalling and Personal Responsibilities
  • Flexible timing | One-on-one session with your Recovery Coach

Life doesn’t magically stop when you’re ready to recover from drugs and alcohol. We understand that you may have work, pets, family obligations or other responsibilities that need attention, and we respect this by providing flexible scheduling. 

Do I need to be completely sober to start the program?

Quitting and staying stopped is tough work, and our program is designed to help you achieve lasting sobriety and fulfilling change. However, we do require that participants have be free from substances (other than prescribed medication) for a 3-5 days prior to beginning the program. This helps ensure that you are ready and able to participate, have meaningful one-on-ones with your Recovery Coach  and derive the greatest benefit from the program. If you’re struggling to achieve 3-5 consecutive days substance-free and you think you might need medical attention and support — we can help with referrals. Drastically reducing or quitting altogether without medical supervision can be dangerous. Always consult your doctor once you’ve made the choice to reduce or quit using/drinking.

Are there opportunities to interact with other participants in the program?

Absolutely! If you are part of a group cohort and not in the individual program, social connection is an essential building block in the recovery process, especially for those who have experienced isolation and/or loneliness while in active addiction.


HBR offers two program streams: individual-and group-based.  For many, the opportunity to connect with others in recovery is a vital part of the process. Others may prefer the flexibility and customization of an individual recovery process — and for them, the core 30-day program is one-on-one with their Recovery Coach, and group contact is built into their aftercare portion.


Similar to residential rehab centres, the social component of the 30-day program allows you to connect with other people who are wanting to change their relationship with drugs and alcohol, and who have made the same commitment toward lasting positive change that you have. The ability to share openly with others in a safe, non-judgmental environment, is extremely supportive to your healing. You will gain strength from others who are moving forward with you.


Unlike some rehab centres, our program doesn’t end after 30 days. With our six-months of weekly recovery coaching support, you’re able to continue to build upon on the great work and foundation you established in the first 30 days.

What topics are covered in the program?

We take a holistic approach to recovering from drugs and alcohol. This means we include education on everything from how your brain functions during/after addiction, to relationship building and healthy boundaries, to the importance of movement and daily routines. We brought in known experts and specialists to help us with the content of the program, There are 60 videos of content, some topics are included below.



  • The neuroscience of addiction
  • Slip and relapse prevention
  • Building distress tolerance
  • Building a healthy support network
  • Identifying personal triggers
  • Navigating family dynamics
  • Building a personalized recovery map
  • Implementing mindfulness practices
  • Establishing healthy boundaries
  • Building supportive relationships
  • Understanding denial mechanisms
  • Developing a craving response plan
  • Coping with emotional and mental relapse
  • Assessing Recovery Capital

What is the intake process?

We understand that recovering from drugs and alcohol can be a really stressful time for people (and their families), and that’s why we’ve made our intake process easy and friendly. 


1. After an inquiry comes in, an HBR team member will send out some information on the program including pricing. There will be an opportunity to agree to receive to an intake questionnaire and arranging a no-charge consult call.


2. An intake questionnaire will be sent out with several questions on a variety of topics including mental health, drug and alcohol use, family dynamics and relationships, employment and current day-to-day obligations.


3. Once you’ve answered the questions, our team will review the information and get in touch with you quickly to arrange a consultation with a licensed drug and alcohol therapist.


We are very responsive to all inquiries and we have the ability to onboard quickly as we never have waitlists to start the program. 

Answers to More Questions

IOP’s are more expensive than HBR.  While many IOP’s provide similar psycho-educational content, and group support, HBR connects you with your Recovery Coach more frequently than any program available and provides a flexible daily schedule covering 3 to 5 hours. 

After you finish the 30-day program, you will transition to six months of weekly recovery coaching with your assigned group. These weekly sessions allow you to work through real-world issues as you navigate early sobriety, and to deepen your connection with other group members in a supportive setting.

Our program is similar to residential rehab centres in that we offer an immersive treatment experience where you prioritize your recovery for the duration of the program, while engaging in activities & education that will lay a rock-solid foundation for long term change and sobriety. With conventional rehab centres you are required to live at the rehab centre for the duration of the program, whereas with HBR, you participate and complete treatment from the comfort of your home, with the added benefit of building  real-world resilience. You can read more about choosing between a residential rehab centre & home-based treatment here.

HBR provides psycho-educational content and recovery coaching services. Our team is comprised of recovery coaches, addiction counsellors and other health professionals (i.e.psychologist). We do not provide counselling or psychotherapy within the core program. However, we would be happy to help you line up an appropriate counsellor or therapist — and we are often able to make recommendations and referrals after the intake assessment. We would be happy to communicate with your doctor or other professionals, if you want us to.

We encourage you to contact your insurance provider and ask if they will fund the HBR treatment. We are happy to provide any relevant information your provider may require.

At HBR, we believe recovery should be tailored to the individual & we are supportive of all pathways to recovery. 

We review some 12-step principles, as well as other peer support recovery programs. You are not required to attend groups in the community such as AA, NA or SMART Recovery. However, we encourage trying to enhance your recovery community. 

We will be as flexible as possible. We understand some people’s schedule may not allow for daily work on the modules. Let us know what you need.

If you are currently working with a Recovery Coach or Therapist that can help you unpack the content learned within HBR — we could accommodate this scenario. 

We want to share our content and have as many people accessing it as possible. Reach out to Michael Walsh at mwalsh@homebasedrecovery.ca to discuss your requirements. 

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