Home Based Recovery for Individuals

Home Based Recovery offers an alternative solution to traditional inpatient treatment or IOP, removing barriers to accessing help.

Online Alcohol & Substance Use Treatment

Home Based Recovery for Individuals is an innovative online or in-person drug and alcohol treatment program that helps people reclaim their lives from the pattern of behaviours that stem from substance use and addiction.


  • Convenient, home-based solution
  • Educational modules delivered by leading addiction experts
  • Regular, real-time support with a Certified Recovery Coach
  • Six months of aftercare support
  • Affordable treatment
  • The same quality of care and education found at in-patient rehab facilities

Virtual Program - Online, Evidence-Based Treatment

We understand that overcoming addiction requires flexibility and a supportive environment. Our virtual addiction treatment program offers an evidence-based approach to substance use treatment, accessible completely online. This includes specialized online alcohol treatment, ensuring that whether you are dealing with alcohol or other substances, you can receive virtual, personalized support.



This flexibility ensures that you can engage with our therapeutic resources and professional support from the comfort and privacy of your own home, or any other safe environment, without disrupting your daily life. Our online platform provides a range of structured treatment options designed to adapt to your individual schedule, making it ideal for those who need to balance treatment with work, education, or family responsibilities. 



We focus on delivering high-quality, comprehensive care using proven methods that cater to personal growth and lasting recovery. By participating in our virtual program, you gain access to expert addiction specialists, recovery coaches, and a wealth of therapeutic tools and resources at your fingertips, ready to help you every step of the way on your path to recovery.



With home-based treatment, you can continue to attend to your family and meet your responsibilities as you progress on your path to recovery.

recovery coach

Support From Certified Recovery Coaches

The HRB treatment program centres around the expertise and support provided by our compassionate Certified Recovery Coaches, many of whom possess both professional knowledge and personal experience in recovery. CRCs offer one-on-one sessions weekly, extending their support for six months beyond the core program.


Our dedicated team of experts in mental health, substance use, and addiction is committed to your success. We provide top-tier education, dynamic learning modules, and practical recovery tools throughout the program.

In addition to individual sessions, our Certified Recovery Coaches facilitate regular check-ins and follow-ups to ensure ongoing progress and adaptation of strategies as your needs evolve related to your mental health and substance abuse recovery. This structured yet flexible support empowers you to address immediate challenges while building robust coping mechanisms for sustainable recovery.

Streamlined Admission Process

Our streamlined admission process, overseen by qualified and licensed addiction therapists, ensures a quick and hassle-free onboarding experience without any waitlists.

Designed To Fit Seamlessly Into Your Life

The typical HBR day begins in the morning or whenever you begin the daily module and includes 6-7 individual, online or self-directed activities throughout the day lasting between 15 to 60 minutes each — roughly 2-3 hours in total a day. 


A typical day: (some activities and times may be adjusted to fit group preferences when applicable)

  • 6:00 to 9:00 am | Recommended start time but is flexible to your schedule
  • Flexible timing | Mindfulness
  • Flexible timing | Psycho-education Video
  • Flexible timing | Physical Activity – whatever you normally do i.e. walk, run, gym, yoga, play with kids
  • Flexible timing | Skills Education Video
  • Flexible timing | Journalling and Personal Responsibilities
  • Flexible timing | One-on-one session with your Recovery Coach


Life doesn’t magically stop when you’re ready to recover from drugs and alcohol. We understand that you may have work, pets, family obligations or other responsibilities that need attention, and we respect this by providing flexible scheduling.

EFFECTIVE Online Alcohol & drug addiction treatment

How do I know if an online rehab program is right for me or my loved one?

HBR was designed for people looking for an at-home immersive drug and alcohol treatment and recovery program with more flexibility and financial affordability than conventional in-patient alcohol and drug  rehabs.


Please visit our FAQ page for additional information and support.