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Browse all of the virtual and in-person addiction recovery services offered by Home Based Recovery.

Home Based Recovery for Individuals

Home Based Recovery offers an alternative solution to traditional inpatient treatment or IOP, eliminating barriers to accessing help.


Home Based Recovery for Individuals is an innovative online or in-person drug and alcohol treatment program that helps people reclaim their lives from the pattern of behaviours that stem from substance use and addiction.


  • Convenient, home-based solution
  • Educational modules delivered by leading addiction experts
  • Regular, real-time support with a Certified Recovery Coach
  • Six months of aftercare support
  • Affordable treatment
  • The same quality of care and education found at in-patient rehab facilities

Other Benefits of HBR

 The HRB treatment program centres around the expertise and support provided by our compassionate Certified Recovery Coaches, many of whom possess both professional knowledge and personal experience in recovery. CRCs offer one-on-one sessions weekly, extending their support for six months beyond the core program.


With home-based treatment, you can continue to attend to your family and meet your responsibilities as you progress on your path to recovery.


Our streamlined admission process, overseen by qualified and licensed addiction therapists, ensures a quick and hassle-free onboarding experience without any waitlists.


Our dedicated team of experts in mental health, substance use, and addiction is committed to your success. We provide top-tier education, dynamic learning modules, and practical recovery tools throughout the program.

Home Based Recovery for Friends & Family

Home Based Recovery for Friends & Family was developed utilizing the CRAFT Model of Addiction concepts to assist loved ones of individuals struggling with addiction.


  • Learn how to offer support and encourage your loved one to make healthier choices that move them towards treatment
  • Understand your role, as a friend or family member, in the recovery process
  • Build the tools needed to best support yourself as well as your loved one

Supporting Loved Ones in Recovery

Addiction affects not only the individuals struggling with substance use but also their friends and family. Our Friends and Family Program was developed with a foundation in the CRAFT Model of Addiction, a compassionate and evidence-based approach that empowers friends and family members to play a pivotal role in the recovery journey of their loved ones.


Empowering Support and Encouragement

Our program is designed to empower you to support your loved one effectively. You’ll learn how to offer the right kind of support and encouragement that can help guide them toward making healthier choices that ultimately lead them towards treatment and a path to recovery. We understand that your support can be a crucial factor in their journey to wellness.


Understanding Your Role in Recovery

As a friend or family member, it’s natural to wonder about your role in the recovery process. Our program provides you with the knowledge and insights you need to understand your unique role in your loved one’s recovery journey. You’ll gain clarity on how your actions and words can make a positive impact and contribute to their healing process.


Equipping You with Essential Tools

Supporting a loved one with addiction can be emotionally challenging. Our comprehensive program equips you with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate these challenges while taking care of your own well-being. We believe that by empowering you, we strengthen the entire support system around your loved one, enhancing their chances of successful recovery.

The counselling offices and group rooms at our Victoria BC office are welcoming and confidential.

Access In-Person Addiction Support in Victoria, BC

At Home Based Recovery (HBR), we understand that for some people, personal connections and face-to-face interactions are necessary in the journey to recovery. In addition to our comprehensive virtual services, we’re proud to offer in-person support at our welcoming clinic located in the heart of Victoria, BC, situated at #245–3066 Shelbourne Street.


A Complete Range of In-Person Addiction Support Services

Our in-person addiction support services are designed to provide you with a holistic and personalized approach to recovery.


Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect at our Victoria, BC office:


Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments
Our skilled professionals conduct thorough psychological and neuropsychological assessments to understand your unique needs and challenges. These assessments help us tailor a recovery plan that addresses your specific circumstances.


Substance Use Assessments
We offer comprehensive substance use assessments to provide you with clarity on your current situation and guide you towards the most effective treatment options.


Family Support
We understand that addiction affects not only individuals but their families as well. Our in-person services include dedicated family support to help your loved ones understand and cope with the challenges of addiction.


Recovery Coaching
Our experienced recovery coaches are here to walk alongside you on your journey to recovery. They provide guidance, support, and accountability, helping you make positive changes in your life.


Recovery Groups
Connect with others who share similar experiences in our recovery groups. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where you can share, learn, and grow together.


Get Started Today

Our Victoria, BC clinic provides a warm and welcoming space where you can access the personalized support you need. Whether you’re seeking assessments, coaching, or a supportive community, our in-person services are here to help you achieve lasting recovery.

EFFECTIVE Alcohol & drug addiction treatment

The Journey to Recovery Begins with a Conversation

Wondering if our treatment program is the right fit for you or your loved one? Our team is here to provide confidential guidance and support. Let’s take the first step together: reach out today.